Stellar Waves Club unveiled information on their new Digital Idol Artist REINA. In celebration of the announcement, SWC released the music video for REINA’s cover of “Just A Sunny Day For You” by Yorushika. Not a YouTuber(VTuber), not just an artist, not just an idol – REINA is a new original music artist IP that bridges between the digital and physical world. Think City Pop inspired music with modern day visuals, combined with distinctive Japanese pop culture elements that paint REINA’s world that tells a story beyond just music.

The Story Behind REINA’s Character Design

REINA’s character was designed by popular illustrator Oguchi ( The identity of REINA’s vocal / CV remains a secret, with plans to be revealed in the near future. Check the official social media pages for updates.

About The Original Song “Just A Sunny Day For You”

“Just A Sunny Day For You” is a song by Japanese artist Yorushika which was released in 5/4/2018. Till this day, the song remains to be Yorushika’s most viewed YouTube video. The rock band consists of singer-composer duo “suis” and “n-buna,” and the artists remain to keep their private profiles a mystery to “let the music itself shine brighter than the musicians who make it.”

About The Cover Song Music Video

REINA released the music video for the cover of “Just A Sunny Day For You” on 3/24/2023. The original arrangement features a modern mix with a touch of nostalgic synth sounds, reminiscent of 80s and 90s Japanese Idol music.

Credits of the video can be found below:
Vocals / CV: ? (Identity to be revealed soon…)
Video Production & Direction: Stellar Waves Club |
Character Design: Oguchi |
Original Arrangement by: Ryu |
Mixed & Engineered by: Rimazi |
Animator: Kemo kemo |
Background artwork: Hoshizora Namie

REINA’s Official Social Media Accounts:

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Instagram |
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